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“Misako’s Yin Yoga class is a balm for your spirit. It replenishes body and soul through her calm manner and voice. Through poetry, music and soothing words you are restored by the time you leave the mat.” ~ MP Phillips & T Pope

Adaptive Yoga for Bone & Joint Health

Thursdays starting May 7, 2020 | 8:30am-9:30am
Live streaming

Yoga postures are adaptable for all bodies, however many yoga classes are not geared to those with restrictions.

Adaptive Yoga is a practice for anyone interested in a slow paced yoga class that adapts postures to meet the needs of individual students. Postures and movments which improve balance, strength and flexibilty may be modified with yoga props so that those who need to adjust postures due to restrictions of the body can fully participate in a group class setting. This class is for all ages. It will be gentle enough for beginners as well as comprehensive for more experienced students.

You will learn which postures should be modified.
Each week will build on the lessons of the previous week resulting in a full home practice.

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