One on one sessions are now online through zoom

Misako specializes in individualized therapeutic yoga sessions. You will receive guidance for yoga practices engineered for your needs with weekly home practice handouts.These sessions are geared to those who are in need of customized yoga to recover from injury or to mitigate chronic health conditions. Therapeutic sessions are geared to students of any age who:

  • are suffering from back pain
  • in need of modifications due to knee pain or injury
  • have low bone density and osteoporosis and require modifications
  • have balance problems due to brain surgery or other conditions
  • have a recent injury and are in need of gentle but intensive care to heal
  • have Parkinson’s disease
  • have mild or moderate scoliosis
  • have ALS
  • have MS
  • are in treatment for or are in remission from cancer
  • are in need of specialized attention

Initial Consultation $125

$125 per session

During this 90 minute session, we will discuss your physical condition as well as your goals for our work together. In the first session we will begin to practice using adaptations suited to your particular needs and abilities. We will also go over what precautions you should take if your goal is to attend weekly group classes.

4 Session Package $400

$100 per session

Each session will build upon the last to familiarize you more with your individualized practice so that you can begin to establish a home practice in order to maximize your benefits from the series. Sessions are 60 minutes each.

8 Session Package $650

$81 per session

Each session will build upon the last and by the end of the 8 sessions, you will have mastered your personally tailored practice. Establishing a consistent home practice is essential for recuperation from injury or for stabilization of chronic conditions. Sessions are 60 minutes each.