Spring Renewal: Yin Yoga, Poetry and Yoga Nidra

Spring Renewal Yin Yoga, Poetry & Yoga Nidra

Sunday April 6, 2014
5pm-7pm Yoga of Los Altos

$30 advance registration, $40 at the door.

Register & Pay online or call Yoga of Los Altos (650) 397 9779

For Questions:

Nature in spring time embarks on a process of cleansing, renewal, and revitalizing growth. The same is happening in your body. During this season we have the greatest capacity to renew ourselves, shed toxins, to release long held tensions, and to clear stagnant energies. This workshop will consist of Yin Yoga for the Spring Meridians,  Yoga Nidra and Poetry. Springtime is a lovely time of the year to express yourself creatively through poetry.  If you love to write your own poetry, you are encouraged to share it – email Misako about including it in the class.

Connect deeply with yourself with the invitation renew commitments your health and to your resolutions, to connect to the creative juices of spring, to set an intention to revitalize the body, and to bring clarity to your mind and heart.
Appropriate for all levels.