“Misako has been extremely helpful in working with me individually to regain core strength and balance after some serious injuries. She is knowledgeable, patient and an excellent teacher. Gradually, with her instruction, I am able to integrate back into group yoga classes without injuring myself. Misako radiates kindness and a generous spirit. It is a pleasure to work with her.” – Jane B-J.

“Misako is one of those rare breed of teachers who makes Yoga not only a life style but fun and playful at the same time. Her friendly and approachable personality makes us look forward to each class. We started in her Yoga Foundations class as beginners and now two years later, we still enjoy each and every class. Many of our classmates who are advanced students find her Foundation class often challenging. On occasion, she even teaches yoga on paddle boards. One of the things we like the most about the way Misako teaches is that she takes the time to explain each pose and how it affects and benefits the body. If you are looking for a great Yoga teacher, we highly recommend Misako. Her creativity, friendliness and enthusiasm sets her apart from most Yoga teachers.” -Steven & Rose Schoch

“Joining one of Misako’s YIN classes is a magical, transformative experience. Misako’s presence, knowledge and inspirational messages during class, allows for a personal enrichment of both the body and mind. She is a true professional. ” – Margie M.

“Misako’s yoga classes, whether restorative or Yin, have become for me an oasis in the loud, frenetic Bay Area.  Unless I get to do my breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises and positions with Misako, I feel unsettled physically and mentally. ”  – Chris C.

“Misako is a very inspiring, creative and versatile yoga teacher. I have taken her vinyasa classes, as well as her yin classes. She is very knowledgeable about alignment, but what makes her classes so wonderful is her gentle manner and wisdom. She always changes things up and knows when to challenge us as well as when to allow us to find ease in the practice. She is someone who lives her yoga and easily integrates her knowledge and philosophy into the class in a fun and inspiring way.” – Rosanne T.

“Every week I enjoy almost 3 wonderful hours in Misako’s yoga classes.  I so look forward to experiencing her classes and especially her soothing, body healing style.  I also appreciate her care when it comes to differentiating according to her students limitations and injuries.  When I leave her classes I am both energized and relaxed.  I have recommended her classes to many people and they come away with the same experience.  I eagerly await her next class. ” – Rosa M.

“Attending Misako’s Yin and Restorative classes is a necessity for my sense of overall emotional and physical well-being. I try never to miss.” – Mary Pat P.

“In Misako’s Vinyasa classes, Misako makes difficult easy and the easy difficult.  With a gentle manner she takes us students deeper into ourselves, our practice.  She provides clear instructions for postures and for transitions.  Her attention to proper form keeps me safe and challenged at the same time.” – Sandy G.

“Misako’s classes are like mini-vacations for the body and soul.  She is such a gifted and inspirational teacher, bringing her passion for yoga, meditation, and poetry to each of her classes.  She takes care in creating an environment that is relaxing, meditative, and challenging.  I’ve been taking Misako’s yin classes for two years now, and it’s through her classes that I was able to overcome a lot of challenges and obstacles in my life, both physical and emotional.   The way she reads poems aloud in class while in a pose for 3-5 minutes is one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences.  Also, her classes are always fresh, new, and sometimes full of surprises.  Like for example, one Valentine’s Day she placed chocolate kisses with quotes on our mats after shivasana!  I still have to find a yoga teacher that exhibits as much care for her students and creates as soothing an environment as Misako does.  Everything from the poses she teaches, to her attention to details- like the music she plays and poems/stories she reads, makes her classes truly one of a kind and a special treat that I look forward to each week.”  – Rashna W.

“Misako’s Yin Yoga class is so calming and up lifting. Without seeming to have done any workout it relaxes, rejuvenates and energizes the whole body and mind. I have been a yoga enthusiast for years and have experienced several types of yoga and yoga teachers but Misako’s is by far the best. Her manner is very calm gentle and her class is an enriching experience.” – Neeta M.

“I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for Misako as a yoga teacher. Misako is authentic in her interest and concern for the needs of each individual student, and creates an inviting environment for learning, relaxation, and personal growth. Each class provides new learnings on yoga postures, lovely inspirational readings for reflection while softening into each pose, and a golden opportunity to decompress and breathe deeply after a long work day. Misako is so lovely as a person, and exceptionally talented and skilled as a teacher – I am grateful for the gift of learning from her.” – Beth M.

“I eagerly look forward to each class knowing that I will savor the moments in class and feel refreshed and peaceful when I leave the yoga studio.Misako’s instructions are clear and precisely expressed while she tends to the needs of students making them feel comfortable in mind and body. Misako shares her personal thoughts and feelings and often reads poems to us as we are restored to balance and harmony. Misako is dedicated to her craft and it is apparent that extensive thought and preparation is given to creating a balanced and diverse practice for us her students.” – Arlene R.